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Netgear is a well-known brand in the networking industry. Netgear has gained significantly in popularity as a manufacturer of high-performance equipment that provide quicker internet and gaming speeds, increased bandwidths, and uninterruptible internet access. The only method to access the network settings and customise them is to use the default web URL ( for Netgear wifi extender setup or the login procedure. If you need assistance setting up a new extender or troubleshooting an existing one, use the instructions on this page.

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Connect your Netgear extender with web URL. If you are facing problem to login to Netgear extender setup feel free to get in touch with our expert

Now is the time to seek assistance with problems with the Netgear extender login page!

You can contact the extender support staff if you are unable to access or the netgear extender login page. This page contains information on how to set up a Netgear wifi extender and log in to, as well as troubleshooting suggestions for the most common issues.

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New Extender Setup

You’ll need to follow a typical set of instructions to set up your new Netgear wifi extender. Alternatively, the Netgear app may be used to set up these extenders. By going to in your web browser, you may quickly set up Netgear WiFi extenders. You can use this gateway to access the Netgear extender login wizard. You may modify the network password, administrator settings, and even factory reset the extender from here.

You’ll need to follow a typical set of instructions to install your new Netgear wifi extender. Alternatively, you may utilise the Netgear app to set up these extenders. You can simply set up Netgear WiFi extenders by visiting to on your web browser. This gateway may be used to access the Netgear extender login wizard. From this page, you may change the network password, administrator settings, and even factory reset the extender.

Wired Connection

Ethernet cables can be used to create a wired connection. You must, however, check that the gadget is plugged in and that the power LED is illuminated and solid. Once the device is ready, you can connect it using the instructions below.


  • Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the WiFi Extender’s LAN port and the other end to the Ethernet port on your computer.
  • The cable connection will now be confirmed by a notice in the bottom right corner of the computer screen.
  • To access the extender login wizard, put the web address into your web browser.
  • To connect to the extender device, enter the default login credentials, including the username and password
  • You’ll notice the Internet button once you’re on the setup process.
  • Select the same and give the extender a new SSID as well as a network password. Select “Next” from the drop-down menu.
  • Connect your extender to the primary router network on the following screen that opens.There will be a list of accessible networks shown.
  • To connect to a network, choose the appropriate network name and click on it. To connect your device to the main router network, enter the password. After that, follow the same procedures to sync the second network band.

You can access the setup wizard once the wired connection to the extension network is complete. If you run into any problems while doing so, we recommend reading the equipment instructions as well.

Netgear Extender Setup Via WPS

As long as both of your devices are WPS compliant, this technique will work. If your extender and router are both WPS compliant, you can proceed with the instructions below:

  • On the extender, look for the WPS button. Your Netgear extender’s back panel is generally where you’ll find it. When you see it, push it until the front panel’s WPS LED starts to flicker.
  • Find the WPS button on your router and push it until the WPS LEDs on both the extender and the router turn solid.
  • The extender network will be detected by the router device, which will connect to it.
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To access Netgear extender settings, what is the IP/web address?

How can I change the settings on my Netgear Extender?

Despite the fact that most range extenders have distinct web domains, their IP addresses are usually the same. If you’re using a Netgear extender, the default web address is You may also use or as an alternative IP address. Enter the same in your browser’s web address bar, then press enter to get to the default configuration page and access your network settings.

You’ll need to use the web-based settings window to change the network settings. You may access it via the default web URL “” or the IP address To get to the Netgear settings page, you’ll need to go through a normal setup procedure that starts with connecting your devices through ethernet cables and concludes with entering the Netgear setup wizard in your web browser. You’ll also need to know what your default internet credentials are. Refer to the blogs section for further information on how to get to the Netgear extender setup page.

How can I reset my Netgear extender to factory settings?

If you have a persistent issue that refuses to go away, the Netgear extender device can be reset. You may simply get back to using smooth internet by following a set of actions.

  • On the back/bottom panel of your Netgear extender, look for the RESET button.
  • Press and hold the RESET button on the extension for roughly 10 seconds, or until the extender reboots. When the LEDs on the front panel begin to flash, it’s time to release the RESET button.

Allow the extension to reboot and then adjust it as needed.

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